Would Obama Suck Up to Hitler?

By Fred

Speaking before Israel’s Knesset last week, George Bush alluded that Barack Obama’s such a wimp, he would have tried to make nice with Adolf Hitler. Back home, Bush’s Mini-Me, John McCain, quickly seconded the notion.

They both know all it takes is a hint at Hitler to upset people.

If the right people had tried talking to Hitler during his early, crazy-speech days, who knows? Maybe he could have been stopped before he wasted millions of innocent lives.

It’s called “knowing your enemy,” and I’d like to think Obama would have tried it before Hitler started conquering Europe and made military retaliation the only option.

Today, Iran’s President Ahmadinejad also makes crazy speeches, but so far he’s given no sign that he won’t listen to reason and bombs are the only answer. In fact, he tried to communicate directly with Bush by letter, only to be ignored.

I don’t get why Republicans prefer battlefields to conference rooms. It’s like they hate to complicate things by learning the other side’s true intentions and capabilities. They’d rather just start killing.

Come to think of it, that was Hitler’s approach. Kill now, ask questions…never.

And they make talking sound really perverse and nasty by calling it appeasement, bargaining, concession-making, conciliation, capitulation, weakness.

When one government dictates how the world should run, like ours is doing right now, negotiation and compromise become 4-letter words. Freedom and democracy become oxymoronic.

God forbid our leaders should look potential foes in the eye, gauge their honesty, and try to correct misunderstandings or reach agreements. Let’s just start a war over imagined wrongs or the mere possibility that verbal threats will be carried out. After all, that’s worked so well in Iraq.

I hope the next president lacks Bush and McCain’s empty, arrogant sense of superiority and isn’t above talking to anybody before the shooting starts. We’ll never win friends and influence people by killing them.


4 Responses to Would Obama Suck Up to Hitler?

  1. Noel says:


    You make a good point although I’m not sure, in the end, if Hitler could have been appeased. I’d like to think that our next president will take a more measured approach to possible threats to our security though. Talking? Hell, reading a newspaper would be a great step in the right direction!

    But looking back out our 20th century history, I think the U.S. populace can take some of the blame for the Holocaust and for Iraq. Americans need to be informed and vocal. And perhaps more people could vote for President than vote for American Idol.

    Bush chanted 9/11 and mispronounced “nuclear” and “Sadam Hussein” a half dozen times and people fell in line and started universally hating Muslims. And THEN those same people re-elected the buffoon after he’d botched the job they elected him to do.

    But back to our next president–Barrack Obama. Why are we wondering why he isn’t wearing an American Flag on his lapel? Who cares? His wife is a little angry about growing up a black woman in America? Why shouldn’t she be? It’s still a racist, misogynist society. (or we wouldn’t be talking about “Is America ready for a …,” would we?)

    Until the people in the U.S. wise up, our old, white men leaders will be getting away with murder (literally).

    And, that’s right McCain, keep on agreeing with George Bush. You show your stripes (and stars) every time you admit to the world that you’re in his camp. But what difference does that make to the masses? You were a P.O.W. and you have a flag pin! SOLD!

    P-lease people. Get a passport and step off the continent. Then you’ll see what people REALLY think of the U.S. of A and why they’re right.

    Expat cat
    Edinburgh, Scotland

  2. catsworking says:

    Americans today took their cue from the Germans who kept their heads in the sand when evidence of Hitler’s atrocities began to surface, refusing to believe that their leader could be so purely evil.

    We’ve done the same thing with Bush and Cheney, and look where it’s gotten us. Tens, if not hundreds, of lives lost and we’re reviled by many countries that used to be our friends. And for what?

    If it was oil, they failed miserably. The Arabs undoubtedly got a big thrill out of telling Bush to take a hike last week when he went on bended knee and asked them for more oil – right after celebrating Israel’s 60th anniversary. Anybody who doesn’t think the American people are being punished at the pump for Bush’s sins is living in La-La Land.

    I just read somewhere that Obama has caved and started wearing a flag pin. During the debate where he was called on the carpet for not wearing one, neither Hillary nor Gibson nor Stephanopolous(SP?) were wearing one either, but nobody bothered to notice or comment on that.

    There’s definitely a double-standard at work, and people seem to be looking for Obama or his wife to make any mention of race so they can pounce on it and say, “See, they hate whites!” to justify their own racism.

    Unfortunately, Obama’s candidacy may not move the country forward in race relations, but backward – unless he wins.

  3. drew says:

    hey buddy, we did talk to hitler before the war started. We tried to appease him and that didnt work out. Today, it would be insane to talk to terrorist leaders or sponsorers like ahmadinejad. We are not going to convince these crazy terrorists to abandon their religon and befriend us. You cant change someones religion especially if the people you are attempting to convince are insane.

  4. catsworking says:

    The reason we’re in certain messes right now is our leaders’ utter failure to communicate. Bush made a lot of assumptions about Saddam that proved false, and how many people have died as a result?

    The goal of talking to enemies and potential threats is not to befriend them, but to get a clearer picture of where they’re coming from. It’s this attitude of “They’ve got to see it our way or else” that has produced nothing but misery and financial chaos.

    Who knows? If we listened more and bullied less, we might actually find out that war isn’t always the answer.

    I agree with you that Hitler was insane, and it should have been his own people who brought him down, but they didn’t so other countries had to step in and do the job.

    OK, Kim Jong Il is probably nuts, but I don’t think Ahmadinejad or Chavez are insane. They’re clearly frustrated from dealing with our own mental midget in the White House.

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