Hillary, Enough Already

By Adele

Has anybody told Hillary Clinton that every time she says she can win the Democratic nomination, she sounds just like George Bush talking about Iraq and many other things?

As a white female, it’s been painful for me to watch the nomination slip through Hillary’s claws, but it has. I accept that it’s time to support the black cat.

Even if Hillary and Bill somehow managed to rig the numbers – like counting Michigan when Obama wasn’t even on that ballot – everyone knows she’d just be stealing it. After the past two suspicious election outcomes, why is she trying for a third?

The last thing this country needs is another president who cheats and refuses to face reality. We’ll never get our reputation in the world out of the litterbox at this rate.

Hillary’s been saying, in so many words, that she’s the only candidate who appeals to racists and under-educated and ill-informed voters. Who wants them picking the president anyway?

At this point, it’s only diehard Clinton brainwash cases who believe Hillary would make a vastly superior president to Obama. To the rest of us, she just looks more maniacally power-hungry every day she persists.

Hillary’s expecting a big bounce out of the West Virginia primary tomorrow, where she’s supposedly leading 66 to 23 percent. So what? Since when did West Virginia become a trend-setter? Hell, even Virginia ignores West Virginia.

Hillary, it’s time to give it up. You still have a day job in the Senate. Stop distracting Obama. He needs to start making mincemeat of McCain and all his Bush-like ideas.


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