Sex and the City Movie Has a Companion Book

By Karen

New Line’s sticking to its strategy to keep the U.S. clueless as long as possible, but India reported a companion book for Sex and the City: The Movie to be released on May 30. But it’s on for pre-order.

Sex and the City: The Movie’s book is a 176-page hardcover companion written by Amy Sohn. She got the story from the script, and the book went to press before Michael Patrick King finished editing the film, so it’s supposed to have more characters and plot than we’ll see on the screen.

It also includes behind-the scenes material on the cast, the fashions (I’ve read that Sarah Jessica Parker alone has 81 costume changes), and the locations. With more than 300 full-color photos, it retails for only $29.95 – a bargain by today’s standards.

I know it’s going to look fabulous beside my boxed set of the series in its faux hot-pink velvet binder.

People are getting sneak peaks at the film on both sides of the pond and I’ve seen nothing but raves. Someone mentioned that you don’t know if Carrie and Big end up together until the last few minutes. That sounds good to me!

Michael Patrick King also denies he killed anyone important because it’s supposed to be a light summer movie. So I hope the dire rumors that someone dies were just that. I want my girls to go on forever.

Note: Amy Sohn also wrote Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell, the official companion book to the series. An updated edition came out in 2004, but I’ve never seen it. It contains more than 750 full-color photos and, according to reader reviews, they’re probably the best part. There’s one particularly scathing review on Amazon by Kris the Bookworm. She knows her S&TC inside-out (proving I do, too, because I followed everything she said). She’s got me hoping Sohn does a better job on the movie book.

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