Jaguars Caught in Bush’s Beef Against Mexicans

By Fred

I’m talking cats, not cars. Humans grouse about illegal immigrants from Mexico, but Mexico has also generously shared its small yet beautiful supply of jaguars since we killed off all of ours over 50 years ago.

And now Bush’s idiotic fence threatens to ruin it.

Jaguars are the third largest cat, behind lions and tigers. They prefer the tropical rain forests of Central and South America, but as man has crowded them out, they’ve moved north and adapted to arid conditions where food isn’t as plentiful.

Only about 120 jaguars are left in northern Mexico, and some of them wander into Arizona occasionally to grab whatever fast food they can catch.

Each jaguar’s spots are unique, so conservationists have been tracking certain cats to see how they get around.

But Homeland Security is hot to finish the last 470 miles of that absurd Mexican border fence and doesn’t care how many environmental laws it breaks to do it. They’re at 30 and counting right now.

As always, Bush doesn’t care whose habitat he destroys to get his way. Just ask the Iraqis. Obviously, Bush learned nothing about the futility of walls from the Germans.

Some jaguars may find themselves trapped on the wrong side of the fence, isolated and separated from their mates forever, and there aren’t enough left to waste like that.

I think they should to put jaguar-sized doggie doors at intervals in the fence so the cats can continue to move freely.

Yes, the doors would be big enough for Mexicans, but at least they’d be crawling through in single file and U.S. Immigration could be waiting on the other side. That makes more sense than patrolling 700 miles of fence, looking for ropes and ladders.

The Northern Jaguar Project launched “Save a Spot for Jaguars” in 2003 and has purchased 45,000 acres in northern Mexico as a jaguar sanctuary. They counted on an open border so the jaguars could visit, but Bush’s fence threatens to ensure that we never see these gorgeous cats again.


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