Democrats Sniff at Cats

By Adele

When I found out the only cat-owner running for president is John McCain, my world flipped upside-down. As it turns out, Hillary and Bill Clinton are both allergic to cats, and Obama’s a closet dog-lover.

First Cat Socks was a celebrity in the Clinton White House. But when they moved out in 2001, the Clintons fobbed Chelsea’s cat off on Bill’s personal assistant Betty Currie.

Hillary used Socks to project her warm, fuzzy side through a book, Dear Socks, Dear Buddy: Kids’ Letters to the First Pets, going so far as to write that the White House “didn’t become a home” until Socks and his toy mouse arrived.

But getting dumped by the Clintons was a blessing in disguise for Socks. He’s 16 now and retired in Hollywood, Md., with Currie. Not bad for a stray kitten whom 11-year-old Chelsea found under her piano teacher’s porch in Little Rock.

Buddy, the chocolate Lab who showed up in 1997 to become Socks’ nemesis and Bill’s favorite pet, wasn’t so lucky. He was allowed to run loose at the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua, N.Y., and was killed by a Ford Explorer in January 2002.

A previous dog, Zeke, had met the same fate in Arkansas, but the Clintons now have another chocolate Lab named Seamus.

John McCain has a cat, four dogs, a parakeet, and a bunch of fish. He’s such an animal lover, it makes me wonder what he’s got against people. Why else would he belong to the party that always puts war and big business first?

Obama has no pets, but has promised his kids a dog if he wins. So even though he works like a cat, he doesn’t seem to like us. That’s the crux of Obama’s whole problem – trying to win over voters he doesn’t identify with.

We Democats are faced with the dilemma of supporting Clinton or Obama for the well-being of our owners who aren’t well-connected millionaires, but it means we’re doomed to at least four years with a cat-less White House.

2 Responses to Democrats Sniff at Cats

  1. Noel MacWormald says:

    It took me a while to find this online, but here is a history of the cats at Downing Street. Should make a nice follow up to the pet piece above.

    There has been a cat in residence there for something like 38 years running!!!! Another reason why I prefer living here.

    And, apparently, Moira Salmond (the Scottish prime minister’s wife) raises Muscovy Ducks in Aberdeenshire. (tasty) And look at her last name? Makes my mouth water just to look at it! (because I can’t spell).

  2. catsworking says:

    We wrote about the cats in England’s government some time ago in this post:

    Check it out.

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