Genetic Testing Discrimination Ban: One Small Step

By Karen

Congress has pried one weapon from the fingers of health insurers and employers – the misuse of genetic testing results. In a stunning display of willpower against powerful business and insurance lobbyists, the House voted 414-1 and the Senate 95-0.

If you’ve been wondering whatever became of presidential candidate Ron Paul, he was the one opposing bonehead, saying, “Because of the federal government’s poor record in protecting privacy, I do not believe the best way to address concerns about the misuse of genetic information is through intrusive federal legislation.”

Bush doesn’t even plan to be an obstruction on this one.

Protecting people from having genetic test results held against them is hardly a new concept. Forty-one states already have laws against insurers doing it, and 31 states extend it to the workplace.

Nor will this law necessarily change anything without some landmark lawsuits favoring individuals. It’s a given that insurers and employers will continue trying to get their mitts on such information. They’ll just be sneakier about using it and make it more difficult for anyone to prove they did.

The only way to make real progress in nullifying anyone’s health status – real or just genetically possible – is to completely sever healthcare from employment, and to make healthcare affordable and available to everyone by removing the bureaucracy of health insurance altogether.

But this vote does indicate that every member of Congress – except Ron Paul – realizes their job security depends on getting serious about this mess and fixing it.


4 Responses to Genetic Testing Discrimination Ban: One Small Step

  1. Ron Paul…. Hmmm… Let’s see, a imagine world run by him would:

    a) He said the civil war never should have been fought and the union allowed to dissolve. Now imagine this continent with two countries competing and getting drug into or starting wars on opposing sides…

    b) He said we never should have gotten involved in WW2. Imagine a world with Europe ‘united’ under the Nazis. I don’t typically subscribe to the ‘fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here’ theory but in this case that would apply.

    Sometimes you have to lift the ‘lid’ to see the crazy and sometimes it’s obvious.

  2. JBiggs says:

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  3. Mauigirl says:

    This is great news. Wish our Congress could unite behind getting healthcare for all. As for Ron Paul, I’m continually amazed when I see Ron Paul signs in all kinds of places I wouldn’t expect them. I think some people think just because he was against the Iraq War that he’s some kind of liberal and they don’t realize his true nature.

  4. catsworking says:

    I never paid much attention to Ron Paul because from what little I knew of him, he seemed pretty far out in left field. I was surprised that anyone took him seriously. But then there were those who thought Mr. “What? They Don’t Give the President a Daily Script?” Fred Thompson would be a good choice, too.

    You have to admire Paul, if only for sticking to his principles and remaining a wacko even though he’s out of the race. At least he’s consistent.

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