Guess What the Cat Dragged In?

By Yul

A cat named Poe in Pinellas County, Fl., nearly became Gator Chow while prowling his neighborhood when he caught the eye of an 8’8” 230-lb. alligator from a nearby pond. Poe gave the reptile the slip through his doggie door, but never expected the monster to tear through a screen and follow him into his owner’s house.

Sandie Frosti had left the sliding glass door to her screened porch open, so the alligator was able to walk in and creep through the house, hunting for Poe.

Frosti was in her bedroom when she heard loud scratching noises in the kitchen. She went to check it out and found a hissing, thrashing alligator – but no Poe.

Frosti called 911, then went outside to wait for police and a trapper to arrive, unaware for over an hour that Poe was still in the house with the alligator. Finally, she saw her cat hop up on the furniture in the living room.

The alligator wasn’t so lucky. A heavy falling plate hit and cut it during its capture, and the authorities said they would probably kill it because it was too big to release.

Today, Frosti says Poe seems jittery about being in the house and is reluctant to go near the kitchen. After that fright, who could blame him? But we question Frosti’s method of calming Poe’s fears:

She let Poe go back out into their alligator-infested ‘hood.

One Response to Guess What the Cat Dragged In?

  1. Paul Hammond says:

    Buy me a couple drinks and I’ll show you my alligator scars.
    (Some Gators prefer FSU students.)

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