Continue Protecting Cheney? Are they Kidding?

By Fred

The Secret Service wants to spend $4 million to provide protection for Vice President Dick Cheney for at least 6 months after he leaves the White House. Talk about throwing money down a rat hole.

Is his safety worth $4 million?

As far as I can tell, rat holes are precisely where Cheney spends most of his time, hiding from all the terrorists his wars have created. It’s easy to picture Cheney scurrying through the DC sewer system from one undisclosed location to another, sticking his head out occasionally to predict, “Six more years of war. So what?”

They’re trying to justify continuing to guard Cheney by saying they did the same for Al Gore, Dan Quayle, and even Hubert Humphrey.

The only difference is that none of those Veeps engineered the deaths of 4,000+ American soldiers, maimed umpteen thousands more, and “freed” countless innocent Iraqi civilians by getting them murdered.

I don’t know why humans haven’t thought of this, but there’s a much cheaper way to give Cheney all the protection he needs. You just hand him a shotgun and promise him a lifetime supply of buckshot.

He’s already proven that he’s perfectly capable of shooting the face off anyone who gets in his way. Grant him immunity from prosecution (which he seems to have anyway), and watch the bodies start stacking up.

Seriously, Cheney deserves the same level of security he’s leaving the U.S. with – none. Thanks to his and Bush’s “anything goes” attitude toward torturing and killing anyone outside their own families, terrorists think anything they do is just tit for tat and nobody’s safe.


4 Responses to Continue Protecting Cheney? Are they Kidding?

  1. Why should we spend any money protecting him, it wasn’t like he was really working for the American people. I’m just waiting to see what kind of performance bonus he receives for services rendered upon his return from his sabbatical from Halliburton.

  2. catsworking says:

    I’m with you on that. In exchange for all the no-bid contracts and other goodies that just happened to funnel to Cheney interests and cronies during his time in DC, he’ll probably go on to become the stinking richest ex-vice president in history.

  3. Here’s one that will make your head pop. In case of a bird flu outbreak we have pinned all our hopes (or the Bush administration has) on a drug called Tamilflu. While this drug is manufactured by Swiss pharma giant, Roche, the rights to the drug are owned by the developer, Gilead. This little biotech firm’s chairman, before joining the Bush administration? Donald Rumsfeld…. Think about how he managed a war and now imagine him involved in a pandemic… I fear for us all.

  4. catsworking says:

    Why am I not surprised? I think once Bush is out of office, we’re going to be reading about a lot of newly minted millionaires who were once incompetent jokers in his administration.

    And now the buzz about Condi wanting to be McCain’s vice president. I’m at a loss to think of a single significant diplomatic accomplishment she’s had yet, outside of consistently managing to look like a sourpuss whenever someone points a camera at her.


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