Mean Kitty: Our Hero

By Adele

Our new American Idol is an Egyptian Mau whose stage name is Mean Kitty (a.k.a. Sparta). He’s a superstar on YouTube with his own music video and a series of films.


Sparta’s owner, Cory, tells Sparta’s story on YouTube but, to get you up to speed, here’s a quick synopsis:

Sparta started out with a little girl in California, but her clueless mother, who failed to recognize star potential staring her in the face, said, “We don’t have room for a cat. Give him away or he’s going to the animal shelter.”

You know what they do to unwanted animals at many shelters. It might have been the end of the kitten’s 9 lives.

But the little girl went door to door in her neighborhood, growing increasingly desperate, until she found a kind-hearted guy named Steve who agreed to adopt the cute kitten. But the kitten played too rough for Steve’s 2 kids, so he gave the cat to his friend, Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams, of smpfilms. Cory named the kitten Sparta because of his superior wrestling abilities. Sparta’s playful – but painful – scratching and biting inspired Cory to write the the Mean Kitty Song that made Sparta famous. They live in Thousand Oaks, Cal.

The last time I looked, the Mean Kitty Song had gotten more than 8 million hits and 58,000+ comments, and has spawned many copycat videos.

In another memorable video, Cory hires a witch doctor to drive the biting demons out of Sparta. Guess who wins?

You can also see Sparta grow to Godzilla-like proportions and chase Cory down a hill.

Sparta has carefully avoided overexposure by granting interviews only to the best in the biz, like our good friend, Sparkle the Designer Cat.

Cory gave WerepuppyGrr Productions permission to turn the Mean Kitty Song into a great cartoon.

We at Cats Working give all the Mean Kitty videos four paws up. If you haven’t seen them yet, what are you waiting for?


10 Responses to Mean Kitty: Our Hero

  1. I have Sparta’s sister, Shayna. Same cat, attitude, everything–it’s kind of scary. Sparta is not an Egyptian Mau, rather a domestic shorthair cat with a tabby pattern and calico colors.

  2. catsworking says:

    Wow! We had no idea Sparta had a sister. Thanks for correcting us on the breed. Turns out Sparta’s just one of us, then. A good old all-American DSH.

  3. Mary says:

    Hi Little Sparta your very adorable i like the song cory, and my cat is just like that she is mean she bites my hand she is EVIL!!!!!!!!! her name is tabitha and had babies at the age of seven months WOW!!! BYE SPARTA KEEP BEING MEAN

  4. sparta lover says:

    hey little sparta your so cute i love you your a cute kitty

  5. Cool Cat says:

    the mean kitty now has leukemia, so go to youtube and leave a message at TheMeanKitty Channel and lets all prey for sparta.

  6. catsworking says:

    Cool Cat, thanks for tipping us off. We hadn’t checked Sparta’s site in a while and didn’t know about this. We will certainly pray that he has a long and happy life, and that his pal Loki remains free of the virus. This is very sad news indeed. Why do bad things have to happen to mean kitties?

  7. Samantha says:

    Do you know how mean kitty is? Last I heard, he had Leukemia. I have to know, or the suspense is gonna kill me!!!!!

  8. catsworking says:

    Sparta’s owner doesn’t seem to have written any update information since January, but there was a bit of new Sparta and Loki video posted just 4 days ago.

    Sparta looks good, so I assume he’s doing OK, despite the leukemia diagnosis. We hope he gets to enjoy every minute of all his 9 lives.

  9. Oh no! Poor kitty…. He’s really cute!

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