Was Obama Brainwashed in Church?

By Yul

That’s the question on everybody’s lips, and it’s ludicrous. But it’s given anyone who can’t imagine anybody but a white male in the White House reason to declare, “Well, that does it! His middle name is Hussein. I’ve seen him dressed like a Muslim. His skin is too dark, and his pastor hates America. No way is he getting my vote!”

Sure, just ignore Obama’s stance on anything of substance – like his aspiration to make life better for everyone, not to just help the fat cats get fatter.

In the never-ending mud-slinging at the newest kid running for president, they uncovered some nutty remarks Reverand Jeremiah Wright made about 9/11 from the pulpit of Obama’s church – nearly 7 years ago.

The way people are carrying on, you’d think nothing positive Obama has written, said, or done since that day matters. He must have been brainwashed by Wright.

When John McCain did a complete 180 and embraced Jerry Falwell when he thought it would win him votes, after he had condemned Falwell’s views, was he brainwashed? Or doesn’t it work that way with white guys?

Seven years ago, I suppose Obama should have hijacked the pulpit and told Wright, “Cool it with the anti-American babbling. I might want to run for president some day.”

If everyone who disagreed with something their minister said switched churches, there wouldn’t be the same congregation in any church – anywhere – two weeks in a row.

What I admire most about Obama is his refusal to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Rev. Wright performed Obama’s marriage and baptized his two children. In the 30 years he served, Wright obviously did many more good deeds than bad. Like Obama, it made parishioners willing to overlook Wright’s wacko side.

To Barack Obama, I say as one black cat to another, “You make me proud. Never let the dogs have the last word.”


6 Responses to Was Obama Brainwashed in Church?

  1. Jo says:

    The fact that he would defame is own grandmother, who help to raise him and pay for his prep-school education in order to make excuses for his hate-mongering preacher is absolutely disgracefully !!!!!!!!

    I do not understand how people can praise him for his loyalty to Rev. Wright when that loyalty brings shame on a person that has supported and loved him since birth.

    This only goes to show how truly week-mined Sen. Obama really is that he could be so brainwashed by this hateful man he would turn on his own family.

    My only comfort is that should he win the nomination (which he probably will because the democratic party is so afraid of angering the black community) is that the 527 are gonna swift-boat him rite out of the presidency.

    This country can not afford to have a weak-mined, disloyal racist in the white house.

  2. Eric says:

    Should this make or break his run for President. Probably Not. Has he worked hard. Sure. But if you or anyone else reading this post – if your pastor said these things – wouldn’t you be looking for a new church??

  3. catsworking says:

    We obviously didn’t hear Obama make the same speech.

    Just as an FYI, facts cannot be “defamation.” If Obama’s grandmother really said that she’s sometimes afraid of black men (which is NOT that uncommon), he’s not defaming her to repeat it.

    His speech courageously brought out a lot of ugly facts about racial differences that many people would rather not respond to. It’s easier to bash blacks for having the gall to RESENT the inequalities they were forced to live with for generations.

    The truth is that there are a lot of Americans scared to death to let a black man into the White House, no matter where he goes to church. And this revelation has got them all coming out of the woodwork to spew their fear and hate, disguised as righteous indignation.

    I watched some clips of Rev. Wright after publishing this post, and I agree that most of his comments were totally over the top, but I’ve also seen no evidence that Obama buys into them.

    Since Bush has made it so fashionable to ignore fact and jump to emotional conclusions to justify some false sense of moral superiority, I’m afraid Obama may not recover from this. Since Hillary also has a healthy base of haters, we’ll end up handing the election to McCain in November and suffer through at least 4 more years of Bush-like war-mongering, inflation (it’s here already, just check the prices in the grocery store and on the gas pump), and no relief for healthcare.

  4. catsworking says:

    Eric, I agree with you that Obama needs to find another church, but Rev. Wright has retired.

    If this mess does ultimately cost Obama the nomination, I can only imagine how bad the whole congregation of his church will feel about whooping and hollering to Rev. Wright’s nutty sermons on film. Obama’s fellow parishioners will be his undoing, not white racists.

    The guy’s definitely between a rock and a hard place.

  5. Tony Iovino says:

    That he didn’t throw his pastor under the bus, while still convincingly repudiating his words, showed class and a maturity not often displayed in recent American politics. It was a well-executed high wire act. It is something that has to be a part of the new politics– we simply have to break out of this pattern of playing gotcha with the other side, of Bork-anizing each other. As a nation, as a media, as a bodypolitic, we have to …grow up.

    I think Obama’s speech was a clarion call for maturity.

    My problem?

    I follow him until I hear his solutions to America’s problems, and then he loses me. Because although I’m “only” 49, I am old enough to know that the liberal plans he is pushing are doomed to fail because of two undeniable facts: they go against human nature and they always have.

  6. catsworking says:

    Very well put. I love the new term, “Bork-anizing.” That’s exactly what’s being done.

    Even in the heat of this intense debate, Obama seemed calm and collected. The speech was, as always, masterfully written and presented, and the clearest discussion of race I think I’ve ever heard.

    If nothing else, it would be a relief to have someone with such command of the English language leading us again. Every time he opens his mouth he shows that he has the mental capacity to frame his ideas clearly and work his way logically to solutions.

    I think Hillary is equally capable of that, but she just doesn’t come across as well, and she’s got the added baggage of Bill.

    Now the playing field may be equal, with Obama lugging along the ghost of Rev. Wright from now on.

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