Dick Cheney on a Peace Tour?

By Fred

Just when I wondered what ever happened to Dick Cheney, he slithers from under his undisclosed rock and shows up in Baghdad. Why? To celebrate 5 years of American occupation, nearly 4,000 American deaths, and probably to promote war with Iran before he leaves office.


Cheney asking General David Patraeus, “Have you got enough bombs for Tehran?”

The last thing the Middle East needs is more blood-thirsty fanatics, including Cheney and John McCain. McCain just dropped in on Iraq for a photo-shoot to remind voters his nose is firmly up Bush’s butt when it comes to prolonging wars.

McCain’s itching to continue squandering billions on bombs and bullets while the U.S. economy goes under the fridge. What he and Cheney call “success” in the troop surge, the Iraqis call a “lull” in violence.

The Iraqis realize you can’t eliminate killers by out-killing them. Republicans thinking they can wipe out terrorists is as silly as cats thinking they can wipe out rats.

Sure, we can kill some vermin and scare the rest into hiding, but we’ll never make them extinct because they breed like – rats. There will always be a next generation.

This sudden faux concern for the Middle East seems a sorry attempt to whip up fear before the election. It worked in 2004 when they said, “You can’t change political parties in the White House while there’s a war (or 2 or 3) going on.”

What they omit, and some voters are too dense to fill in, is that these guys started these wars. The only way to end them is to put a sane, intelligent person in the Oval Office for a change.

Cheney visiting the Middle East to discuss peace is so ridiculous, it makes a cat laugh. Don’t be surprised if he comes home with another war under his belt.

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