Mouse Flies to Atlanta for Spring Break

By Yul

Before dawn on March 13, Delta flight 4704 from Des Moines to Atlanta was preparing for boarding when a flight attendant saw a little furry unticketed passenger scurrying through the galley.

Citing “health and safety” issues, Delta delayed departure for about 30 passengers for 5 hours while they inspected the plane’s equipment and wiring for vermin-related damage.

No one knows how the mouse got on board.

They set out traps with peanut butter, but any mouse smart enough to hop a flight to escape Iowa’s cruel winters for a southern destination would know the risks of airline food. Otherwise, they’d have found its corpse in the galley – either starved or poisoned.

When passengers were finally allowed to board after 11 a.m., the crew wasn’t proclaiming, “Mission Accomplished,” so you know the mouse outsmarted them and got away.

But some cats in Georgia are meowing, “Bring it on!”

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