Verdict’s In on Pudsy & Twinkle’s Owner

By Fred

The suspense is over for Pudsy and Twinkle, two long-haired cats who played a role in getting their new owner, David Henton, arrested for murder. They now know who’ll be opening their next can of tuna.


After nearly two days of deliberation, the jury found Henton not guilty in the bludgeoning death of his girlfriend, Joyce Sutton, the cats’ original owner.

What undoubtedly worked in Henton’s favor was lingering mental confusion following a stroke he had several years ago, as well as a lifelong reputation for being a peaceful and gentle man. The confessions he made to the cats, which police caught on tape by bugging his house, were indistinct and obviously not enough to convince the jury of his guilt.

The jurors probably also factored in that Joyce Sutton’s son, Darren, was convicted of the violent crime of rape several months after his mother’s murder, and his alibi for the murder didn’t hang together under scrutiny. It’s quite possible the wrong man was on trial.

Pudsy and Twinkle can now put this sorry episode behind them and look forward to living happily ever after with the man who took them in after their mistress’s demise.

The blunt object used as a murder weapon has never been found. The cats, the only eyewitnesses to the crime, know what it was, but they’re not talking.

One Response to Verdict’s In on Pudsy & Twinkle’s Owner

  1. […] Sutton’s bizarre, still-unsolved bludgeoning death. They’d been companions for 30 years. He was acquitted in March, to the rejoicing of nearly everyone who knew him. One friend called him, “a gentleman […]

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