Silda Spitzer, Stop Standing By Your Man

By Karen

Two weeks ago, Virginia’s governor, Tim Kaine, dined with Eliot and Silda Spitzer and said Silda was “really delightful.” Today, she’s standing before the cameras beside her cheating husband, being played for a fool.


It doesn’t matter how accomplished, attractive, or devoted a wife is when her husband decides to let his auxiliary brain – the one with the IQ of 3 – start calling his shots.

When the man is wealthy or a public figure and the wife chooses to stay for whatever reason, she sells her soul to him, just as the hooker sold her body to him. The duped wife teaches her children it’s OK for Dad to betray Mom and maybe give her an STD – as long as Mom gets to keep calling herself Mrs.

Behind closed doors, I hope Silda Spitzer’s calling her lawyer, packing her bags, and using Eliot’s checkbook to write a nice down-payment on a condo for herself and their three daughters.

After all, the 22-year-old call girl involved in this mess is getting her 15 minutes of fame doing interviews.

A man who turns his family inside out by indulging his worst instincts deserves no loyalty. He can never be completely trusted again. He should get the heave-ho, and the wife should get a nice settlement and walk away with some self-respect.

It will serve her well if she ever wants to run for president and have people think she’s a strong woman.


7 Responses to Silda Spitzer, Stop Standing By Your Man

  1. The stand by your man routine may work well politically but you have to wonder how these women feel on the inside. How comes they never leave? Why don’t they up and go, its a question I wonder about

  2. Jenkins says:

    I created a poll and was wondering what you all thought. Do you think Political wives should stand by their cheating spouses? Click on my name to vote in the poll and see the results.

  3. catsworking says:

    The affairs that make the news always concern high-profile men with power, money, and influence. I think those wives often stay because they still think there are material gains to be made and they don’t want to give up the reflected glory, even if it’s in tatters. However, Mrs. Spitzer was a successful attorney who gave up her career to be a full-time mom and wife. I’m sure she could make it quite well without him. And who knows? After he’s been sitting around the house unemployed for a few months, she may kick him out.

    Whether she stays with him or not is up to her. What I have a problem with is her standing by him to share his disgrace. She did nothing but get betrayed. He got himself into the mess. He should be man enough to face the music alone. In fact, if he WERE a man, he’d have told her to stay home because he didn’t want to expose her to his shame in public.

    In “real” life, if an ordinary guy blew $80,000 on hookers, exhausting the kids’ college fund, wiping out the nest egg, etc., you could pretty much count on the wife packing his bags and sending him to the curb.

    I think it was F. Scott Fitzgerald who said, “The rich are different.”

  4. catsworking says:

    Jenkins, I was watching Dr. Phil the other day while he discussed this Spitzer business. His wife Robin said no way Silda should have stood by Eliot, especially when he failed to show her the slightest courtesy or respect in front of the cameras. Dr. Phil said we don’t know the people, so we shouldn’t pass verdict on what they should do.

    However, I think every time a well-known man cheats and gets away with it, and his wife acts like nothing happened, it sends the wrong message to everybody, especially their children. Whatever happened to accountability?

    Sure, Spitzer lost his job as governor, but how is he ever going to prove to his wife and THREE DAUGHTERS (who aren’t all that much younger than his playmate) that he doesn’t think women are objects to be used for his pleasure? How will he like it if one of his daughters decides to become a high-priced hooker? After all, Dad thinks they’re great, so why can’t it be a career option?

  5. dee miller says:

    I would like to see the men stand next to their cheating wives……….and forgive them

  6. catsworking says:

    Me, too, Dee. However, I can’t think of a single situation where a female politician has put her husband in such a position.

    Most recently, John Edwards backed his wife into the corner in a world-class way. Because he chose to step out on her while she was struggling with cancer – and then tried to justify it by saying, “but she was in REMISSION” – he’s made her look like a SAINT.

    Elizabeth Edwards doesn’t fall into the same category as Silda Spitzer or Hillary Clinton because she’s not standing by her man to save face. She’s got to worry about the future of her young children, knowing she probably won’t be around to raise them. John screwed around on her knowing she’d have absolutely NO CHOICE but to let him get away with it, since he didn’t even tell her until after he started running for president. That’s so utterly low-down, he makes these other cheating husbands look like Boy Scouts.

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