Kitten “Made in Singapore” Defects to Cleveland

By Yul

A mother cat in Singapore seeking safe shelter for her kittens set up housekeeping in a crate of coiled steel cable. All was well until February 4, when the crate was sealed shut with all the cats inside. On February 7, it began a month-long journey across the Pacific to a company in Cleveland.

When the crate arrived at Samsel Supply Co., employees found inside the mother and all her kittens dead – except for one very hungry and thirsty little female who appears to be about 12 weeks old.


I shudder to think what this poor kitten went through as she watched her mother and siblings fade away, one by one, all huddled together in that dark and airless crate. We’ll never know how long she spent in there alone, without food, water, or a way out. That she managed to survive is truly a miracle.

The kitten didn’t have a pussport, but was granted asylum on humanitarian grounds. She’s now with the Cleveland Animal Protective League, who had her checked by a vet. They say she’s eating and doing well.

That’s all anyone seems to know. Because the kitten’s in quarantine for three weeks, she won’t be doing the talk show circuit anytime soon to discuss the details of her ordeal.

We at Cats Working welcome her to the U.S. and hope she’s soon placed in a safe and loving home where she can learn English, and her owners don’t mind if she grows up a bit claustrophobic.


2 Responses to Kitten “Made in Singapore” Defects to Cleveland

  1. Jean Hughes says:

    How does this keep happening? I don’t know how many cats have “stolen away on trucks or planes or whatever and people don’t discover them. We need to be more careful. Oh this makes me so sad but I am glad for the kitten.

  2. catsworking says:

    I suspect the shipping crate was huge, so it’s possible no one looked inside before they sealed it. The mother cat may have given birth to the kittens in it, and would leave them to find something to eat for herself. The kittens would have been 8 weeks old when the crate left Singapore, so chances are they’d never been outside it because the were probably too little to climb out. The poor surviving kitten may have gotten her first look at the world in Cleveland.

    Sometimes cats are too clever for their own good at finding hiding places. We’re just glad that at least one of them survived.

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