Hillary’s Inner Monster is Loose

By Adele

Samantha Power, one of Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisors, resigned because she let it slip “off the record” to The Scotsman that Hillary Clinton’s “a monster…who will stoop to anything.”

The Scotsman promptly made it a headline.

Hillary whipped another poor, innocent victim card from her sleeve and said the incident “raises disturbing questions about what the real planning and policy positions inside the Obama campaign happen to be.”

Hey Pot, do I hear the Kettle calling you black?

Then Clinton’s people quickly sent out a fund-raising e-mail, claiming its purpose was to send Obama the message that “there is a price to this kind of attack politics.”

If so, it’s no wonder Obama’s mopping the floor with Hillary in campaign contributions.

We’ve seen soft, misty Hillary; scolding, “Shame on you, Barack Obama” Hillary; and jubilant Hillary when she broke Obama’s 11-state winning streak by taking Texas, Ohio, and, oh yes, insignificant Rhode Island.

Hillary as the underdog raises nastiness to an art form. She pounds Obama for “cheating,” but what did she do when she caught her own husband doing it? Make excuses for him and try to redirect indignation to some “vast, right-wing conspiracy.”

I’m sad to say that Hillary’s campaign tactics show she’s just as crooked as anybody and her presidency would be dirty business as usual.

In the face of all this, Obama has remained unflappable, demonstrating through his behavior that it takes more than the Clinton sleaze machine running full-speed to make him lose his cool.

With the Clintons, the ends always seem to justify the means. But that’s the same kind of thinking George Bush used to invade Iraq. Won’t humans ever learn?

2 Responses to Hillary’s Inner Monster is Loose

  1. CheshierCat says:

    As cats we should give her props for her hissy, claw-bearing, fur-ball slinging tactics and yet ‘Barrrrrack’ purrs off the tounge so much easier. My distaste for her has prompted my to change affiliation just so I can vote for him in our primary. As a strong woman myself I am appalled when people use that term for her. In my opinion a strong woman would have stood up and said something when her husband was screwing around. She is a scheming plotting woman who sold her dignity for a shot at power. I much prefer Obama’s strength of character over her tactical strength. If that is experience – I’ll choose naivety.

  2. catsworking says:

    Hillary saying she might want Barack to form a “Dream Team” made sense – 6 months ago. After all the nasty things she’s said about his qualifications, I admire her balls for admitting he’d be an asset. But I spit at the sheer gall of it.

    I loved it when Barack shredded her tactic by saying something like, “I don’t see how the person in second place thinks she can be offering the vice presidency to the person in first place.”

    Obama needs to keep on skewering the Clintons’ twisted logic to keep the dumber voters from being manipulated.

    Hillary herself has made any “Dream Team” impossible because her running mate will always take a backseat to Bill. Her failure to launch the louse into divorce court when he deserved it will ultimately prove her undoing. When she becomes an “also ran” thanks to him, we’ll see how steadfastly she continues to stand by her man.

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