Kit the Cat Jumps Through Hoops for Troops

By Adele

A 2-year-old feline in Texas named Kit Casanova is making the rest of us look bad. His owner has trained him to use the toilet, walk on a leash, wear clothes, sit and stay like a dog, ride in the kid’s seat of a shopping cart (hope he doesn’t lick his paws after those trips) – and perform daredevil leaps through hoops.

Kit’s owner, Trisha Yeager Menke, started training Kit with the hoop when he was a kitten, holding it higher and higher until she could suspend it from the ceiling. Now the cat is making 9-foot leaps, and Trisha thinks he would go even farther with encouragement.

Mind you, Kit doesn’t leap from the ground, but starts from a parallel object some distance from the hoop. But once through, he descends to the ground. See it for yourself.

That move’s called the Super Kitty Leap around here, and it’s not for amateurs.

Trisha photographed Kit doing his stunt work and printed 5,000 stamped postcards that she’s donating to troops in Iraq so they can send short messages to loved ones.

Kit’s patriotic postcards are undoubtedly better received by the soldiers than the “Wish you were here” type.

Kit’s reward is plenty of homemade jerky treats. He also has a new blog.

Trisha’s an interesting human who has trained many cats (or thinks she has). She co-authored with her late cat, Toast, a book called Potty Talk. The book’s site has video of Kit doing his business on a toilet – in an endless loop so Kit appears to have a urinary tract infection. Ouch! But it is impressive.

Like lots of women, Trisha really seems to “get” cats – but we’d appreciate it if she’d just lay off the dog tricks.


5 Responses to Kit the Cat Jumps Through Hoops for Troops

  1. Kit Casanova says:

    Hi Adele,
    You look and sound like a pretty cool cat. Unfortunately, I’m neutored and I suspect you are too.

    Sorry, girl, but I gotta correct you on a couple of your comments.
    First, when I do my “Super Kitty Leap” I don’t start from a parallel object. Nope. I first climb up a sheer “cliff” 5 1/2 feet straight up. It’s wicker so I can get my claws in, and quite honestly I think it’s pretty fun. I have to calculate my jump which takes me up at a 45 degree angle for about 3 feet to get through the hoop. Then I descend for about 6 feet at an even steeper angle, landing on a soft object below. I love to do this leap and I do it several times a day–in fact, sometimes I just climb up on the wicker cliff and meow until mom or someone comes in to watch me do the jump. I do it many times a day. It’s great exercise! By the way, the postcasts look fantastic, and they’re pre-stamped so it’s easy and convenient for the troops to stay in close touch with family and friends.

    Also, Adele, you need to know that I train my mom with incredible “feline finess” which is the main reason I allow myself to be trained. I lead a really fun life going backpacking, to the farmers maket where I get lots of treats, to different stores where people rave over me sitting in the kids seat, and popping doggie butt when I goon my leash to the park behind our house.

    And last, I DO have a genetic urinary problem. (How did you know?) But, being toilet trained is a GREAT way for my mom to control it. She measures the pH of a “midstream catch” when I pee in the pot, and controls the problem with nutritional supplements and herbs! You’re a smart girl, Adele, and pretty too. Can we stay in touch?

    Love, Kit Casanova

  2. Kit Casanova says:

    I love your blog, Adele!

  3. catsworking says:

    Hi, Kit!

    I’m so honored you took the time to write. Don’t tell Yul, but I’ve definitely got a crush on you.

    When I watched the video, all I saw was you leaping through the hoop from something high beside it. Never stopped to think how you got up there, but DUH! It’s obvious you must have made a perilous climb. You’re near the ceiling!

    Our living room has a vaulted ceiling with 3 beams running across it that I can walk on. I love to jump from the beams to the top of the bookcases, and sometimes back again. It’s definitely a Super Kitty Leap, but Karen has never caught it on film.

    I’m really shy, so I don’t think I could handle going out and about the way you do. Besides, if Karen took me and left Fred and Yul behind, there would be fur and blood everywhere when we got back.

    Since I’ll be 8 in April and you’re only 2, this will be a May-December romance, but if you’re game, so am I! Adele

  4. Kit Casanova says:

    Hi! More about cat training with Kit Casanova
    Cat/human training strategies
    I’m a professional cat trainer. My 2 ½ year old cat, Kit Casanova, has learned to go potty in the toilet, and jump through a hoop 8 ft. off the ground—with a launch-to-landing trajectory of over 9 ft—all while wearing a cute military outfit and a confident look. He also goes for nature walks with me in my backpack, and knows how to walk on a leash, sit and stay.
    What’s the secret of cat training? For Kit and me it’s attitude. Neither of us feels superior. We’re equals, and we train each other. In other words, Kit gives me what I want when I want it, and I do the same for him. It’s a great arrangement! Kit is a very happy cat. He loves to perform and will do it at the drop of a treat (homemade chicken jerky) for anyone who happens to come by. He loves jumping through his hoops so much that he sometimes does it in the middle of the night—with or without treats. Kit is very sociable and loves meeting kids and other people—often while riding in the kids’ seat of a shopping cart, or at the farmer’s market.
    Here’s an example of how Kit trains me. He comes into my office in the late afternoon and jumps up on the back of my swivel chair. His first move is to give me a one or two head butts accompanied by a soft purr. If I ignore it, he waits a few minutes before nipping me gently on the nape of the neck. At this point I usually accommodate him, but if I don’t, his next ploy is a firm bite on the fleshy part of my arm. Believe me, I’ve learned not to ignore this not-so-gentle hint! I’ve learned to get up, and take him to his snack bowl, the jump site, or simply give him affection and play time.
    Notice: The Austin Monthly Magazine will be doing a photo-story featuring Kit and Trisha in their July Pet Issue! Look for it on the stands or read the story on the Media Page of

  5. John Carson says:

    Thanks a lot for a great blog and keep up the good work Adele.

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