Pudsy & Twinkle for the Defense?

By Fred

The murder trial of David Henton, the 72-year-old cat owner from Skewen, Wales, accused of bludgeoning his girlfriend Joyce Sutton in 2006, has dragged on for 7 weeks. He finally took the stand and, not surprisingly, Pudsy and Twinkle came up.

He made a dubious claim that “Joyce’s heart is in those cats.” The woman refused to get out of bed many days during her last few years, so you’ve got to wonder how often their bowls were filled and litterbox scooped. And we know Henton wasn’t being literal because the police reached the murder scene long before Puds and the Twinkster had to seriously consider eating the hand that fed them.

Henton was arrested for babbling to the cats, which police caught on tape when they bugged his home. Now the tape’s in dispute, with defense trying to spin Henton’s remarks:

The tape allegedly said: “…a bloody mental woman… Too much, it’s too much. I had to do something about it. What can I do? …I hit my Joyce.”

The defense hears: “I’ll go to a bloody mental home… Too much, it’s too much… do something about it. What can I do? …I miss my Joyce.”

In another spot, the tape seems to say, “Good God, I don’t believe I’ve done it.”

But the defense hears: “Come on now, I’m coming.”

Other interpretations are equally fanciful.

The one thing Henton said on the tapes – clear as a bell – and repeated on the witness stand was, “If only those cats could talk.”

Therein lies his dilemma.

If Pudsy and Twinkle could talk, what would they say? They undoubtedly know who killed Joyce because they were there.

If it was Henton, would they want him convicted? Or have they formed a soft spot after living with him for the past two years? The police said Henton’s only concern when they searched his house was that the cats not be disturbed.

It’s a shame Pudsy and Twinkle can’t do a “Mister Ed” and testify. They could resolve this whole mess in minutes.

Instead, a human jury has to sort it out.


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