Pokey Health Insurer Revealed

By Karen

Another week has passed since I thought I overcame the last hurdle in getting cheaper health coverage through my insurer, bringing my wait to 2 full months, only to find out today that they’ve done NOTHING to get information they persist in wanting from my physician. Apparently, my word and a solid year without follow-up visits on my record aren’t enough to convince them that I don’t have a cancerous mole on my See-You-Next-Tuesday.

In fact, they suggested I call the doctor’s office myself and ask her to voluntarily send the information.

So now I’m an unpaid volunteer for Underwriting.

I’ve had enough, and I’m ready to name names. The insurer outrageously jerking around this loyal customer – who’s already been with them 5 years with no major claims – is Anthem.

A cheerful, helpful Anthem representative I just spoke to suggested I go ahead and pay April’s premium if March drags on and they still give me no answer. But they’re willing to back-date my new coverage to February 1 so I can recoup the $110/month price difference. The money will come in handy when they’re sticking me with a larger share of my out-of-pocket expenses under my new, lousier coverage – if I ever get it.

I just thank my lucky stars I’m healthy. If I really needed insurance for crucial medical care right now, Anthem’s proven that bureaucracy comes first and I could drop dead for all they care.

But when it comes to health insurers, I guess we all already knew that.


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