Ariane Bourdain, in Person

By Karen

Like he did with his wife Ottavia, Anthony Bourdain hid his infant daughter Ariane right out in the open. Interviews with him all over the Web mention him whipping out photos of her, but I’ve yet to find any posted – until just now.

Last September, portraits of Ariane as a tiny, naked newborn in her father’s arms were shown during an interview he did on CBS’s 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl. Starting at 9:15 minutes, here’s Ariane. She already has lots of her mother’s dark Italian hair.

And have we ever seen Bourdain looking so soft and mushy? You can’t help feeling happy for the man.

The interview also contains clips from No Reservations, many comments from his incredibly youthful-looking mother, Gladys, as well as vintage photos of Tony from 10 years old, through puberty, to adulthood. To top it off, he dons his chef whites to whip up a few tasty dishes for Stahl in the kitchen at Les Halles.

In spite of his new-found taste for women half his age, I think Tony will make a great dad and he’ll see to it that Ariane has an amazing life, particularly if he carries out his plan to defect and raise her in Asia.

If you haven’t seen this interview yet, enjoy


3 Responses to Ariane Bourdain, in Person

  1. CheshierCat says:

    Cats, you may want to link this one to the ‘more popular’ entry recieving all the negativity. 🙂 Show them we have a heart too. Just wanted to let you know I am enjoying the rest of the ‘cat-chat’ too. Good luck with the insurance and phone company, red-tape and beaurocracy are the REAL bitches.

  2. catsworking says:

    Cheshier, glad to hear I have a reader. I haven’t figured out how to do all the linking stuff. I’ve tried it on a few posts, but I think doing my own “pingbacks” is a no-no, right? Ariane’s definitely not getting as much attention as Ottavia around here, but all the Bourdain posts overall get the most traffic. No surprise there.

    I don’t think anyone holds Ariane against Tony. He gave up smoking for her. He’s obviously smitten. And she makes him show a soft side we rarely get to see.

    As she gets bigger, if he’s still doing TV, maybe he’ll take her along so she can be like Bindi Irwin and learn to follow in her dad’s footsteps as an intrepid traveler and adventurous eater.

  3. Linda Gene Goldstein says:

    May I say again…THANK YOU FOR POSTING THE 60 MINS. TAPE….am having a bad day and you just made it better.

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