One More Pocket of Competence at Verizon

By Karen

I can send long-distance faxes again, thanks to the “Expeditor,” a Verizon supervisor somewhere in the 757 area code.

She first called me out of the blue several hours after I put in my second request for third-party long-distance on my fax line. She said a 2-day wait for activation was unacceptable, and gave me two numbers where I could reach her.

Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful in speeding things up.

The two days were up yesterday, and when the promised service failed to materialize, I called the Expeditor, who stunned me by answering her phone. She checked into things and found that my order had “clogged” and gotten dropped. When this happens, no one at Verizon apparently notices or cares because nothing gets done until the customer starts screaming.

I know, because this isn’t the first time I’ve been trapped in a “clog.” It happened before when I initially tried to get FIOS. Verizon’s “So what?” attitude and “rush” to reschedule me – 3 weeks later – caused me to switch to Cavalier Telephone for a while.

The Expediter got me back in the flow and my long-distance was restored by 5 p.m. yesterday.

At 7 p.m., the Expediter phoned me again to make sure everything was OK.

After I sent a long-distance fax early this morning to assure myself it really worked, I called the Expediter to confirm and she answered her phone again. The woman never goes home.

I can’t tell you her name because I know she’d be swamped if it got out. I’m adding her to my stash of secret Verizon contacts. However, with both phone lines working properly right now, I hope I’ll never need to call them again.

2 Responses to One More Pocket of Competence at Verizon

  1. I left Verizon in a snit several years ago and switched to Cavalier. I called Cavalier up two weeks ago to schedule them to move my phone lines as I had just got the move dates for my bookstore. A week later I received the form for me to fill out and it explained it takes 20 to 30 BUSINESS days to move a line (it’s moving 40 feet). Several hours on hold and a number of various leveled employees later, nothing. They ‘cared’ about the issue but wouldn’t do a thing about it. To disconnect takes 30 BUSINESS days (~45 real days)… I called Verizon, the day my store moves (3/3) they will disconnect the Cavalier line and set up a new Verizon line at my new location. Not sure what Cavaliers problem is but I can put up with Verizon’s deficient customer service if they at least get the job done.

  2. catsworking says:

    It was frustration with Verizon that drove me to Cavalier last year, too. But Cavalier took bad service to such new heights, I ended up back with Verizon.

    I had a very hard time getting my Cavalier service started (they said that was Verizon’s job–and Verizon did ultimately come and save their bacon), but when I canceled Cavalier, they were here on the spot to disconnect me, leaving me with no phone (again) until Verizon arrived to hook me back up.

    Cavalier’s strength seems to lie in giving their customers NO phone service. As long as they remain in business, they’ll always make Verizon look good. And that takes some doing.

    I’ve blogged the whole thing here, but still haven’t figured out how to link to previous postings. The story is under “Telecommunications.”

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