Sooty Loves a Smorgasbord

By Fred

Sooty is a 6-year-old cat living in North Yorkshire, England, with 68-year-old Molly Oliver. This once-normal feline could now compete on The Biggest Loser.



Molly’s an average size woman who’s had Sooty since he was a kitten. She says he’s always been “big-boned” and he’s an enthusiastic carnivore, but she claims she never feeds him more than “normal” portions.

When Sooty stopped jumping because he was too big to launch himself, his well-meaning but dim owner still thought all was well – until Sooty got stuck in his own cat door. Then Molly realized he “might be uncomfortable.”

Ya think?

At the vet, Sooty weighed in at 28 pounds – roughly 3 times the size of a normal cat.

What’s still unexplained is how Sooty packed on all that flab in the 6 months since his last checkup.

Molly blames generous neighbors for putting out meat for cats at large, but she’s the one who lets Sooty roam the streets to nosh. And some of the blame must lie with Sooty himself. Strays may be going hungry because he can’t resist a smorgasbord.

Sooty’s vet put him on a meat-free diet that Molly says is all “biscuits.” But biscuits usually means “cookies” in American English, so I hope she knows what she’s doing.

At last report, Sooty fits through his cat door again so he can exercise in his own garden. But if Molly is still letting him wander free, chances are Sooty won’t resist the call of the neighborhood all-he-can-eat buffet for long.

This is one cat with serious food issues.


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