Pudsy & Twinkle: Justice-Seekers or Not?

By Fred

I’m fascinated by the murder trial of 72-year-old David Henton in Skewen, Wales, who’s accused of bludgeoning his girlfriend, 65-year-old Joyce Sutton. Joyce’s two Persian cats, Pudsy and Twinkle, play a pivotal role. They’re probably eye witnesses who can identify the killer but – to everyone’s frustration – they can’t sing like canaries.

Last week, one of the first detectives to reach the crime scene testified that he found Pudsy and Twinkle near Joyce Sutton’s body and helped to catch them so David Henton could take them home. When the man picked up one cat, it scratched him and drew blood.

After seeing his owner get her skull cracked, was the cat distraught over losing his beloved mistress, or because he knew the police were handing him over to the killer?

Or if Henton was the killer, did the cat sympathize with him because he knew himself that Joyce could be a real pain, and he scratched the cop in an attempt to get him off the case and protect his new owner?

The day’s testimony also clarified that Henton was talking to Pudsy and Twinkle while sharing incriminating thoughts about the crime while his house was bugged. Since the cats saw police plant the bugs, maybe they acted particularly cute and cuddly to start Henton blabbing so he’d get caught.

At this point, the cats’ motives are anybody’s guess.

The other main suspect is Joyce Sutton’s son, a shady character with a shaky alibi. Maybe they should let Puds and the Twinkster go live with him for awhile.

The trial continues.


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