Laura Bush, Stay Annoying. It’s Working!

By Adele

I’ve suspected that our glassy-eyed First Lady with the Stepford Wife smile wants her approval rating in the toilet with her husband’s by the time they leave Washington or he’ll never forgive her. That’s why she suddenly started yowling about the government crackdown on democracy in Burma.

And went to the United Arab Emirates to talk about breast cancer with women she couldn’t even see. I guess she didn’t think there are any women in the U.S. who’d discuss it face-to-face with her.


(Photo by Kamran Jebrili, Reuters)

On February 1, she dressed in red and trotted over to The Today Show to prove she knows what heart disease is.

All her efforts to be a model nonentity for unaspiring females everywhere seem to finally be paying off. According to the Pew Research Center, she’s come down from a 70% favorable approval rating to 54%, and her unfavorable rating has risen from 18% to 29%.

Overall, her favorability has dropped only 16 points compared to George W’s 25 points, but it shows that she’s obviously doing something right. By the time the two of them pack up to return to Crawford next January, the White House staff should be diligent about not letting any doors hit them in the ass.

I don’t want to be accused of being a negative kitty, so let me provide a rundown from Pew on Laura’s current favorable ratings. You have to subtract from 100 to figure the percentage that either views her less than favorably or is too clueless to have an opinion:









Under age 30


Age 30-49


Age 50-64


Age 65+


I was just a kitten when George and Laura Bush moved into the White House, so she’s the only First Lady I’ve ever seen in action. I assume “living in a fog” was just her unique interpretation of her job duties. So no matter who gets elected, the next First Lady has got to be more interesting – even if she’s a man.


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