Nicolasa, the Peruvian Surfer Cat

By Yul

We cats have a reputation for being aloof and finicky, but here’s a heartbreaking example of the lengths some cats will go to just to have a home and please their owner. It won’t surprise me if this cat eventually decides to split and take her chances as a stray. It would sure beat drowning.

Nicolasa is a 4-month-old tortoiseshell kitten in Lima, Peru. Her owner is a surfer dude named Domingo Pianezzi who got the bright idea one day to take Nicolasa to San Bartolo beach. He claims she jumped onto his surf board like she was raring to hang ten – and he was only obliging her.

I’m not buying it.

Anyway, it was no time before Nicolasa found herself riding a wave back into shore. Pianezzi swears she loved it, but it looks to me like that cat was hanging on for dear life while she watched one of her nine lives wash out with the tide.



Pianezzi also had Nicolasa swimming in surf well over her head, something no cat should ever be forced to do, even in smooth water.

Next he’ll probably be throwing sticks into the water for her to fetch so she can end up as shark chow, like that black Lab in Jaws.

Instead of a cat, this guy should have gotten himself a catfish.

One Response to Nicolasa, the Peruvian Surfer Cat

  1. Louise Webber says:

    I live with a cat that looks exactly like Nicolasa, there is no way she would swim, but I have surfed the sites of all the picture of both the cat and dog surfing and Tyson the bulldog skateboarding.

    I think we humans are ignorant, we had a little snauntzer dog, who would swim regardless of what we termed dangerous water, we had to teach him ONLY TO SWIM WITH ONE OF THE FAMILY like a discipline. The tenderness of the surfer teaching this cat comes across in all his videos, and his owner, says that Nicolasa has been swimming in the bathtub since she was tiny. I feel that we should embrace the sameness we have with animals. My cat teaches me every day what she needs, like and dislikes………. but to say that the cat is lucky to have a home is incorrect, she is lucky to have a family of humans who listen to her. Go see the Tyson bulldog site you will see he skateboards with exceptional joy. I say trust the owners and the people who are around Nicolasa, trust love – trust true caring……… and stop the negative vibration between animals and humans. She will announce her displeasure by more than a sound, she will leave if she feels the necessity to do so.

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