Live Like a Cat Day is Coming

By Fred

We knew it was bound to happen. First, we got people to start working like cats. Now, we’re designating a whole day for them to live like cats.

Live Like a Cat Day is the brainchild of a cat named Bobo and his owners James and Kerri. They are launching it on January 12, 2008, and they anticipate it will become a revered celebration on the second Saturday of January from now on.

They couldn’t have picked a better time for it. The holidays are history. There’s no tree to knock over. No ornaments to break. No tinsel to swallow. No turkey to steal. No gaily wrapped presents to shred.

Outside, it’s cold and gray and the scene from our window is bleak and boring. The squirrels are holed up in their nests. The birds are all in the tropics working on their tans.

You’ll find the details on Bobo’s blog, but I can tell you it involves lots of sleeping, eating, playing, and doing whatever you damn well please. All day.

What it doesn’t entail is any of the crazy holiday activities humans invented that stress them to the point of bankruptcy and nervous breakdowns: shopping, wrapping, card-sending, decorating, baking, and entertaining.

Thanks to its utter simplicity and self-centeredness, I know Live Like a Cat Day is destined to knock Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day off the map as everyone’s favorite holiday. So mark your calendar. January 12, 2008!

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