Laura Bush’s Misplaced Breasts

By Adele

I almost hurled a hairball when I saw Laura Bush’s obsession du jourbreast cancer – in the United Arab Emirates.


I dug up that, as of 2005, the UAE was only 32.4 percent female. So the good news is that Laura’s potential to stir up more trouble in the Middle East is fairly limited.

Laura Bush

The UAE is so rich, corporations and individuals aren’t taxed, and they report no one living in poverty. It’s slightly smaller than Maine, and its seven emirates marinate like savory sardines in oil reserves.

The government throws around titles like president, prime minister, and cabinet, but the Federal Supreme Council is the highest authority, made up of the seven emirate rulers. In fact, the FSC “elects” the president and VP.

They recently decided to start an Electoral College, of all things. Their EC members are appointed by the emirate rulers, and they’re the only people allowed to run for office. The only people allowed to vote for them are the other EC members.

It all very cozy, autocratic, and male-dominated. They need one of Laura Bush’s “wishful thinking” campaigns like they need sand for litterboxes. She hopes to erase the cultural stigma of breast cancer and get Emirati women to seek early detection.

Meanwhile, back in the U.S., some woman gets the bad news every three minutes. Our problem isn’t shame, it’s getting treatment without insurance, or fighting for coverage from greedy insurers who prefer you die while they still have your premiums in the bank.

Laura Bush harping on other countries’ healthcare issues while her husband and his cronies coddle the calamitous system here at home is as ridiculous as… a cat discussing the United Arab Emirates.


4 Responses to Laura Bush’s Misplaced Breasts

  1. blueseaglass says:

    How do we know that the women there even HAVE breasts? They are forced to wear burka’s and may be a breast-less society of women. Do they practice female genital mutilation? I cant remember if they do there… but maybe they remove boobs too.

  2. catsworking says:

    Good point. I don’t know about the genital mutilation, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Who knows what goes on under those head-to-toe shrouds? In researching this post, I did read that Arab men sometimes divorce their wives when they get cancer. But then, some American men do the same thing.

    This is just another example of Bush & Co. focusing on issues that have virtually no relevance whatsoever to the ultimate well-being of Americans. Invading and occupying Iraq would be another one.

  3. Sigh says:

    so once again, someone has to resort to making a comment about the way muslim women choose to dress. So, because they choose NOT to wear revealing, undignified clothing that leave nothing to the imagination and basically make them look cheap – they’re now perhaps ‘breast-less?’

  4. catsworking says:

    So, once again, someone is looking for a slam against Islam where there isn’t one. This post contains NOT ONE WORD about the way Muslim women dress. You’ve missed the whole point completely. So let me spell it out. The UAE has a smaller percentage of women than the U.S. American women are no less victims of breast cancer than Muslim women, yet our First Lady chooses to make it an issue in ANOTHER COUNTRY. While here, women must deal with finding healthcare that is impossible to get or unaffordable.

    That’s the essence of the whole Bush presidency. Meddle in the affairs of other countries while IGNORING the problems at home.

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