Who Does Bush Think He’s Kidding?

By Yul

At nearly 20 pounds of muscle and nerve, I’m a cat who doesn’t hesitate to put his claws where his mouth is. Just ask Fred. He’s tried to get the drop on me and ended up at the vet’s enough to vouch that I’m a tough sell.

So when Bush made a surprise visit to a “heavily guarded desert air base” in Iraq last week, who did he think he was impressing?

President Bush, if you want to get my respect, go strut your stuff down Main Street, Baghdad, with no air cover and no armed troops surrounding you. Don’t trip over any dead civilians, and then come back and tell us about it.

Any cat can proclaim what a tough, smart guy he is from under the bed, but you only know for sure once you put him in a dark alley with a bunch of gutter rats and see who comes out alive.

After a quick coaching session from Bush in Iraq, did it surprise anyone that General David Patraeus told Congress exactly what Bush and Cheney wanted them to hear? “The surge is working. Give us more time.”

In allowing American troops to continue being the common target for all of Iraq’s blood-thirsty factions, Bush can now claim he’s following his top general’s recommendations, not just stubbornly clinging to his self-inflicted fiasco, waiting for his fairy godmother to wave her wand and turn it into a triumph.

How convenient.

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