A Solution for Obama’s Contraception Dilemma

February 7, 2012

By Adele

Conservatives and religious zealots who believe some women should spend their lives pregnant are shocked, SHOCKED that Obama would mandate free access to birth control as part of healthcare reform, even in Catholic hospitals and with other groups that claim it “violates their conscience” to let women protect themselves from accidental pregnancies.

You’d think Obama was ordering all women to USE birth control, which he isn’t.

Mitt Romney, with his rich Mormon heritage of polygamy, with sister-wives producing literally HERDS of children, is all over this issue, calling it an “attack on religious liberty.”

Newt Gingrich, the newbie Catholic and likely practicing birth-control hypocrite, ditto.

As always, they ignore the REAL issue, which is…


This bunch wants these babies born so they can grow up neglected, abused, and even murdered. Protect the fetus so the child it becomes can suffer unimaginably at the hands of adults. That’s the CHRISTIAN way!

Here’s my idea…

Like they do for unwanted puppies and kittens, establish kill shelters for human newborns. After delivery, they spend a week or two in the shelter (depending on space), and if nobody adopts them, they get the needle or gassed. Simple.

Babies born with obvious defects or any other problem that makes adoption a long shot get put to sleep on the spot to make room for those who have a chance.

Mitt, Newt, and the rest who refuse to face the reality that some babies are better off unborn can start stepping up to the plate. If they REALLY care about these infants — more than keeping women prisoners of their reproductive organs — they can adopt the stray babies before their time runs out.

Cat Predicts Super Bowl Winner

February 5, 2012

By Max

Three years in a row since 2009, the cats in a shelter run by the Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon, have correctly picked the winning Super Bowl team. This year, can a calico named Sue Bee extend their streak to 4 years? Watch how she does it. (The gabby human in the helmet is pretty annoying. The prediction comes at the end, so feel free to skip ahead.)

OK, if you didn’t watch the video, Sue Bee picked the Patriots. Cats Working concurs because Karen is from New England, although we’ll have to read about the winner in the paper tomorrow because we’re not watching the game.

Karen tells us football is the only sport that makes men’s figure skating look macho. Why are so many Americans willing to spend hours watching grown men throw themselves to the ground on top of each other and dry hump? When the guys finally get up, they grab each other’s butts. The real sports action (running, throwing, kicking a ball) is sporadic and too brief.

You can understand why Jerry Sandusky was drawn to football. It’s like a puritanical form of gay porn that “regular” men don’t have to feel guilty watching. If the players didn’t wear helmets, they’d probably exchange chaste kisses (with a penalty for tongue — just to keep it “clean”) after every “play.”

Instead, we’ll be watching Puppy Bowl VIII on Animal Planet at 3 p.m. (ET). Yes, it’s dogs, but if any of them start humping, you’ll know it’s just innocent fun — they’re PUPPIES!

The Super Bowl can keep its stupid commercials and Madonna. Cats will be cheering for the Piggy Pep Quad and the Kitty Half-Time Show.

Got Anthem’s Annual Screw Job

February 3, 2012

By Karen

While Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act waits for a Supreme Court ruling, Virginia’s largest health insurer, Anthem, continues to merrily bilk its customers to maximize profits.

Virginia’s Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, is fine with that. He wants the General Assembly to do NOTHING to plan the state health insurance exchange that must be operational by January 1, 2014, so small business and individuals (like me) will have a prayer of finding the “protection and affordability” the new law requires.

Instead the Assembly is busy repealing the law that limits personal gun sales to one a month, because insane college kids and criminals everywhere are feeling the pinch of not enough weapons. More murders, more medical spending.

The Assembly also intends to FORCE women seeking abortions to first have an ultrasound, hoping to guilt them into giving birth. Not to mention adding to the cost of the procedure.

So yesterday I got Anthem’s annual notice of my new individual health insurance renewal rate. It’s going up $58 a month — 20%.

In 2011, it went up $25, or 9.6%.

Nearly 30% in TWO YEARS. Can you think of anything else, besides CEO salaries, that has risen that much? Me, either.

Anthem included a cryptic, sinister warning against making any attempt to cut the cost — like decreasing benefits or raising the deductible (again) — which would void “grandfathered” status if health reform ever really happens.

Naturally, Anthem didn’t state if my policy would be grandfathered, nor what benefits might be affected, but just implied that reform might cause me to lose something wonderful about my current stinking, inadequate coverage.

Being self-employed, I have an individual policy. I feel sure Anthem is striking back because I exceeded my $2,250 deductible last year with my breast cancer false alarm and they actually had to pay some claims.

It’s perfectly legal in the individual market for insurers to nail customers to the wall one at a time for daring to get needed healthcare.

And since I now have non-cancer in my medical record, I’m trapped with Anthem until SOMETHING changes with heathcare.

And the way it’s looking, it’s only going to get worse.


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